Kyle Makrauer took these fantastic portraits of Pecan and I!!!


Spending some quality time with one of our nation’s greatest treasures: Susan Orlean

"This feeling inside,
I can’t explain.
But my love is alive,
And I’m never gonna hide it again…”

Bobby Flay, Gato, Gael Green and Me!

The Cat’s Meow

Today is a good day…

Takin Selfies…

New Work by Noah Fecks: David Hutchison / The Book Tavern - Augusta, GA

Greetings from Los Angeles / Malibu…

Just another day in the office…

Guess who posted some NEW WORK today?

#thanksmomanddad! XO

Spending the day with Tasting Table, Williams Sonoma, and the dashing Jonah Kim, Executive Chef at Pabu!

Sittin’ Pretty!!

My homage to “Where’s Waldo!”


Welcome to the Happy Den. I hope you enjoy your visit.

(photo by Noah Fecks)

Looks like shit just got REAL!!!
Excited, Elated, Ecstatic… XO