"new york"

Things that happened at work today 👍

NEW WORK by Noah Fecks!

Spending some quality time with one of our nation’s greatest treasures: Susan Orlean

Stand-In model for LIFE!!!

I’m extra super-duper pleased to see my work with LUCKYRICE & Danielle Chang featured on Le Book’s LA CREATIVE!

Bobby Flay, Gato, Gael Green and Me!

The Cat’s Meow

Making Magic on set with John…

Taking the VERTICAL TOUR with my buddy Gabriella!

MUCHO thanks to Roberto SerriniPGB + Gothamist for including Noah Fecks (that’s me!) + my #falafelnutter in their roundup of KILLER SANDWICHES!


I’m loving this piece in DEPARTURES about where chefs like to dine out! Naturally one of my favorites is also PRIMA, which was a delicious treasure to photograph and visit…!

Test shoot at my house!

Introducing THE FALAFELNUTTER, a kooky creation by yours truly… Try it yourself? It’s pretty easy to make! 

Good Times at AMERICAN CUT

Spent a fantastic thanksgiving with family, friends and the 1938 Turkey Recipe from THE WAY WE ATE


All month we’re featuring Braised #Rabbit & Gnocchi from the @TheWayWeAte cookbook. @monumentlane #MLnyc