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Taking the VERTICAL TOUR with my buddy Gabriella!

MUCHO thanks to Roberto SerriniPGB + Gothamist for including Noah Fecks (that’s me!) + my #falafelnutter in their roundup of KILLER SANDWICHES!


I’m loving this piece in DEPARTURES about where chefs like to dine out! Naturally one of my favorites is also PRIMA, which was a delicious treasure to photograph and visit…!

Test shoot at my house!

Introducing THE FALAFELNUTTER, a kooky creation by yours truly… Try it yourself? It’s pretty easy to make! 

Good Times at AMERICAN CUT

Spent a fantastic thanksgiving with family, friends and the 1938 Turkey Recipe from THE WAY WE ATE


All month we’re featuring Braised #Rabbit & Gnocchi from the @TheWayWeAte cookbook. @monumentlane #MLnyc


A week in my real life: Incredibly lucky, insatiably happy, infinitely thankful…

Greetings from PICNIC in the East Village!

Guess who posted some NEW WORK today?

#thanksmomanddad! XO

Living, Loving, BIG GAY BRUNCHING!!!

The magical, fantastical, wonderful PORKCHOP!!!

The magical, fantastical, wonderful PORKCHOP!!!

Got to spend a day at Lafayette and pretend i was a french debutant from dawn ‘til dusk :)

Country Mouse / City Mouse