Got to spend a lunch hour with Molly Ringwald this week…

Hands down, one of earth’s most CHARMING humans.

Spending some quality time with one of our nation’s greatest treasures: Susan Orlean

Stand-In model for LIFE!!!

Spending quality time with Greg Seider at The Manhattan Cricket Club…

Taking the VERTICAL TOUR with my buddy Gabriella!

MUCHO thanks to Roberto SerriniPGB + Gothamist for including Noah Fecks (that’s me!) + my #falafelnutter in their roundup of KILLER SANDWICHES!


Good Times at AMERICAN CUT

A week in my real life: Incredibly lucky, insatiably happy, infinitely thankful…

Much Love, Many Thanks and a WHOLE lot of Sherry… I had a dreamy time visiting the new Toro in New York. I must return soon with a big appetite and some maternity-panel jeans!

Greetings from PICNIC in the East Village!

Sittin’ Pretty!!

Living, Loving, BIG GAY BRUNCHING!!!

The magical, fantastical, wonderful PORKCHOP!!!

The magical, fantastical, wonderful PORKCHOP!!!

Cinco De Mayo is one of my favorite holidays :)

I’ll definitely be hitting up La Palapa in NYC for a BLUEBERRY MARGARITA! 

Got to spend a day at Lafayette and pretend i was a french debutant from dawn ‘til dusk :)