Noah Fecks + Ortaggi = <3

NEW WORK by Noah Fecks!

Spending some quality time with one of our nation’s greatest treasures: Susan Orlean

Wanna throw the perfect outdoor party?

I’m extra super-duper pleased to see my work with LUCKYRICE & Danielle Chang featured on Le Book’s LA CREATIVE!

Because today needed to get better?
Very stoked to see my work for BARILLA featured in LE BOOK!


MUCHO thanks to Roberto SerriniPGB + Gothamist for including Noah Fecks (that’s me!) + my #falafelnutter in their roundup of KILLER SANDWICHES!


I’m loving this piece in DEPARTURES about where chefs like to dine out! Naturally one of my favorites is also PRIMA, which was a delicious treasure to photograph and visit…!

A bazillion thanks to PBS FOOD for naming THE WAY WE ATE one of the best food blogs of 2013! Totes Honored…

A million thanks to all the wonderful people who took the time to write such kind words about my very first book… Which makes a terrific last minute gift by the way! hehehe XO

Publishers Weekly

Insatiable Critic

Underground Eats

Edible Manhattan

The Village Voice

The Atlantic


The Good Cook

First We Feast

United Tribune San Diego

The Advocate

Four Pounds Flour

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Introducing THE FALAFELNUTTER, a kooky creation by yours truly… Try it yourself? It’s pretty easy to make! 

Spent a fantastic thanksgiving with family, friends and the 1938 Turkey Recipe from THE WAY WE ATE

Celebrating THE WAY WE ATE with Paul + Me!


I wonder if George Takei knows that David Shuttenberg created a recipe in his honor for The Way We Ate?

i’m especially loving the Transporter Room tablecloth…