Friends, Countrymen, and food obsessives everywhere! I’d like to announce how pleased and proud i am of my colleagues and their new books, which will all be debuting in MAY! Please find the time to PRE-ORDER and PURCHASE copies of these fantastic cookbooks by the talented BEN MIMS, the venerable GREG SEIDER and superstar IVY STARK. Not only are they respected friends, but they also contributed to my book THE WAY WE ATE!

Oh, and i also shot all the photographs for these books, which makes me almost as proud of myself as i am of them….

Because today needed to get better?
Very stoked to see my work for BARILLA featured in LE BOOK!

Consider me EXTREMELY excited, jubilant and overjoyed for Greg Seider and his amazing new book Alchemy In a Glass

oh, and i took the photos too :)


Takin Selfies…

Working Hard… Thailand Edition :)

New Work by NOAH FECKS! (That’s Me!!!) XO

Remember that time I did a big, crazy fun photo shoot with Academia Barilla!? #goodtimes

You feel so good inside me…

Taking the VERTICAL TOUR with my buddy Gabriella!

New Work by Noah Fecks: David Hutchison / The Book Tavern - Augusta, GA

I was honored and humbled to be asked by The New School (where i am a proud alumnus and present professor) to sit dow with their food & literature publication; THE INQUISITIVE EATER! so if you can handle 12 full minutes of me chuckling and talking about THE WAY WE ATE, by all means, dive in :)

Dude, where the hell would i be without GRETA? Thanks a million girl; for making even my super sadzo days MAGICAL!

i did ALOT of travel jobs this year :)
Cheers 2013! Looking forward to places i’ll visit in 2014…

Good Times at AMERICAN CUT

Working Hard in Chiang Mai! Wish you were here… XO