Consider me EXTREMELY excited, jubilant and overjoyed for Greg Seider and his amazing new book Alchemy In a Glass

oh, and i took the photos too :)


Working Hard… Thailand Edition :)

New Work by NOAH FECKS! (That’s Me!!!) XO

Dude, where the hell would i be without GRETA? Thanks a million girl; for making even my super sadzo days MAGICAL!

i did ALOT of travel jobs this year :)
Cheers 2013! Looking forward to places i’ll visit in 2014…

I got somethin’ to say!!!

Sittin’ Pretty!!

it’s true… i added lots of NEW WORK to noahfecks.com !

Super Stoked that wagz2it and i are getting so much neat-o press!
Many thanks to Photo District News + Fine Dining Lovers for the super-duper stories about our shared love of good living + great photography :D

Looks like shit just got REAL!!!
Excited, Elated, Ecstatic… XO

Country Mouse / City Mouse

Extremely Professional…

Finally found a hot second to post some NEW WORK on my website!
Many thanks to the good people at DRIPBOOK :) 

Working It, Turning It, Doing Shows…

ERMAHGERD! Nice surprise to find when i came home from the grocery store that i have  neat full page photo of Grand Central Station in Time Out NY!